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We propose to introduce the Crystal of Technology to the Top of the Industry.

We develop the products required for making new cars of the new age and supply them to automobile manufacturers and body manufacturers. The lineup covers a manifold range from the critical safety parts such as brake hoses or fuel hoses that support the basic performance of cars through body sealing parts such as weather strips that shut out rain water,the air and noises, interior parts that heighten the comfortableness and the sense of high class of the interior, exterior parts that determine the styling and grading of cars, and safety parts of handles and air bags. In the automobile industry, needs for development of products which contribute to making cleaner, safer and more comfortable cars are increasing, ln order to meet the needs, we are actively proceeding with development of new products and new technologies.

Main suppliers

Toyoda Gosei Co.,Ltd.
<Kariya Automobile Components Division>
Toyota Industries Corporation Toyota Auto Body Co.,Ltd.
Toyota Boshoku Corporation Chugai Co,Ltd
<Hamamatsu Synthetics Dpt>
Suzuki Motor Corporation Isuzu Motors Limited
J-Bus Ltd.



Kariya Office

123-2 Hanaike,Imagawa-cho,Kariya City,
448-0005 Japan
TEL +81-566-36-3355 FAX +81-566-36-5423

Furui Warehouse

21 Inoike Furui-cho, Anjo City,
446-0025 Japan
TEL +81-566-93-9955 FAX +81-566-93-9977

Hamamatsu Office

204 Minami-iba Bldg.,10-12 Minami-iba-cho,Naka-ku,
Hamamatsu City,432-8037 Japan
TEL +81-53-455-7600 FAX +81-53-455-7603

Hamamatsu Warehouse

3-15-1 Takaokahigashi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City,
433-8117 Japan
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Kosai Office

6144 Shirasuka, Kosai City,
431-0451 Japan
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