Business Divisions
  • rice

    We supply various types of raw material rice and maintain a dedicated, cutting-edge factory. We are prepared to meet market needs with a wide variety of products used in the production of miso, rice crackers, shochu spirits, and polished table rice, among others consumer goods.

  • commodity

    We are a key provider of starches, wheat flour, and soybean products to the domestic Japanese market. In recent years our business has also expanded to encompass the import and sale of food processing equipment and industrial materials.

  • liquor

    With the simple objective of traveling the world to locate rare, fine products, we import and distribute various high quality wine, cognac, beer, and other alcoholic beverages throughout the domestic Japanese market.

  • Food Manufacturing

    As a brand manufacturer, we handle the entire process, from raw material preparation to final packaging, of pre-mixed powdered foostuffs such as pancake mix, okonomiyaki flour, dessert cake mix, and others products.

  • Synthetics

    We provide a wide variety of products and technologies to automobile and autobody producers, helping to bring the next generation of clean, safe, and “green” new vehicles to life.

  • Production Materials

    A bright new future of advanced products awaits, and we are helping to develop the raw materials, auxiliary materials, production equipment and facilities that will take us there.

  • Metals

    We provide general building materials, specialty steel coil products, metal plating, stainless steel, aluminum, and other source materials to the automobile manufacturing industry. Our well-established machine parts facilities and organizational system fulfills industry needs in a prompt and precise manner.

  • Eco Material

    We’re active in the sales, research and development of various “green” products that promote environmental conservation and improvement, including the successful practical application of our ground-breaking new Formaldehyde-free BioPrepolymer®.